Cannot connect to demote desktop after Docker installation

I have tried to install Docker Desktop on a company PC while working from home, where I followed the instructions and clicked the big restart button after the installation was complete. The computer shut itself down and was supposed to restart, I couldn’t connect via remote desktop.

This problem is caused by windows saving credentials, like a password manager. Once you login to github via Intellij these credentials are saved in windows and everytime you connect to your github account it will use the saved credentials instead of the written ones. To remove the credentials in windows go to Control Panel, then click on User Accounts. In this window click on Credential Manager, the git credentials should be under Windows Credentials. Find the credentials that you need, click on them and then click on remove.


Test simple Java RESTful Web Service

Problem: for my bachelor thesis I developed a simple Java RESTful Web Service that could be used to control a mBot robot car using the internet. For this I used a Raspberry Pi to run the web service. The Raspberry Pi was connected via USB to the mBot. The embedded mBot controls (e.g. to move forwards/backwards, spin, retreive sensor informations) were called via the internet using HTTP endpoints. Before implementing some sort of UI to map these controls to a user-friendly interface (which I later implemented as a JavaFX project) I needed to test the endpoints to see if my web service works and if the commands I implemented actually do what they are supposed to. Solution: use curl and its command line on my Windows laptop to send HTTP requests to a given URL (which is the HTTP endpoint that controls the mBot). From their webpage: curl is a tool to transfer data from or to a server, using one of the supported protocols (in my case HTTP).

Visual studio code random crashes on Windows

Visual studio code as a open source code editor has many flaws on windows compared to the osx version. The editor can crash in random occasions, works much slower than the osx version and takes a long time to run.
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