How to get notified for each incoming e-mail

Sometimes we would like to be always updated by the incoming e-mail in our inbox. But then the problem is that sometimes, or more likely we have more than one e-mail account. It is so annoying to check for (and provide) each tab/window for these e-mail accounts.
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E-Mail notifier

There are several application that can help us to notify us whenever we receive a new e-mail.

1. WebMail Notifier. This one is an add-on for firefox. With this application we can be notified for each incoming mail from many different mail account, such as: gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol, daum, naver, nate, paran, etc.
You can download it here:

2. Gmail Notifier. This one is available for Windows and Mac user only. And as its name, can only be used to check gmail account.
Link for windows users:
Lini for mac users:
However, for linux users, Gmail notifier also provide an add-on for firefox that can be used: