The mainly difference, which help to decide the selecting decision for the software design is the embedded mode. H2 supports this kind of the mode while PostgreSQL doesn't support it. Further H2 is platform independent and mostly used for the small application and PostgreSQL only supports some kind of the OS.

In any other browser, the steps to follow are the ones Alma Cusevic suggests. In case of using chrome, I recommend downloading Tampermonkey (Script manager). Nevertheless there are plenty of alternative managers.

Although it is not a free (economically speaking) solution, VPNs will allow to tunnel the traffic through an encrypted connection and make the content available on the other side.
The main disadvantage of VPNs is they do not have a user interface. They need to be hardcoded into the operating system.


You can also stop videos from playing automatically in Facebook News Feed.
You can turn off Facebook video autoplay settings on or off if you want to stop videos from playing automatically on your Windows computer:
Click Settings > Click Videos > Autoplay Videos Drop-down Menu > Select Off.

Another tool which you could use is GitHub Desktop. The application has a better user experience and user interface over SourceTree. The layout of the GitHub Desktop application is simple and straightforward with an uncluttered interface, making it perfect for the beginner, though still including more powerful options for the advanced developer.

If you use a proxy server for your internet activity, and you are unable to fix a 504 error by refreshing the page or restarting the browser, you should check your browsers settings. The configuration could be defective and you should try to select a different proxy to work on.


I agree with Masood that there is no clear answer - it depends on the technology you need use / develop for or software you need to use thus it is very subjective. If you need to develop for any Apple API macOS is a must. But you may install your Hackintosh and run it on regular PC. Microsoft came out with .NET Core which allows to white .NET C# for any OS in any OS. If you want to combine both world at the same time you may use Virtual Machines or when on macOS you can use Parallels or VMWare Fusion. Each 'world' has its cons and pros. Last but not least, I would not say that Mac are more secured - macOS is based on Unix thus it is safer than Windows but still has vulnerabilities - no software is perfect.



To get rid of pop-ups and pop-unders on your computer, add an extension of plugin to your Web browser called a pop-up blocker. The four major Web browsers -- Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera -- all have plugins to stop pop-ups in their tracks.

Another solution to this problem would be restart all of your network devices. Temporary problems with your modem, router, switches, or other networking hardware could be causing the 504 Gateway Timeout issue you're seeing. Just restarting these devices could help.

Using visual studio code for windows is not recommended best thing is to use another code editor.


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