I had the same problem at Postman. Try to uncheck headers at request and it will work. Postman is sending wrong headers, so node-js can't handle them.

Postman file sending via form-data not working

I am trying to test my written node-js backend. So i try to send a file over a POST request via Postman and multipart/form-data to the backend. If i am sending the file via postman the backend the payload is undefined. But it's working if I am sending it over a classic html form. Any suggestions?

Easy POST-requests for testing REST-interface

For a course we had to implement a service composition that communicated over REST interfaces using spring boot. Part of this was to allow not only GET-request, to retrieve information from the service, but also to allow POST-request, which would enable the user to add information to the service. We faced a problem when testing our implementation. While testing the GET-request is very easy, POST-request contain information in the body and we didn’t know how to properly simulate this without a lot of effort. The simple solution for this is the Google Chrome plugin “Postman”. While capable of sending normal GET-requests, it allows to easily make POST-request where you add information to the post-body.
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