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It's simple, just follow the steps:)

1. Inside your GitHub team page, create an empty private repo with the same name of Bitbucket/GitLab
repo that you want to transfer.

2. Copy your newly created repo link, either in HTTPS or SSH.
For example, git@github.com:team-name/repo-name.git (SSH type)

3. Inside your local project folder, change the remote URL under.git/config ‘s file to your copied
one. The content looks similar as follows. [remote "origin"]
url = git@github.com:team-name/repo-name.git
fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*

4. Do a git push: git push --all . It will push all codes and commit history on your newly GitHub

5. Done. After that, when we push new commits, it will push to GitHub only.

6. The Bitbucket/GitLab repo now can be archived to ‘Read-only’ mode.

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