using typo3 4.x plugins in flow3

flow3, the new php based application framework of the typo3 team, was just released in version 1.0. is there any way to use the currently existing typo3 plugins built for the typo versions 4.x in an application based on flow or at least to port them in a way that they can be used within the new framework?

Creating a Typo3 website from a prepared html or css template

 At first we create a html or css template by using an Html Editor or an IDE such as Dreamweaver . We must save this template in the filedmin Folder of the Typo3 installation. Then we open the typo3 backend site. In this section we create pages of our websites by using typo3 menus. and on the right side there is a menu named (Template).we click on it, its being opened the template section of our web site.  Below of this page there is a Setup section and  we click on the pencil icon. It will be opened a page . In this page we write this code:  

  • temp.mainTemplate = TEMPLATE
  • temp.mainTemplate{
  • template = FILE
  • template.file = fileadmin/template/ (your file name).html
  • }
  • page = PAGE
  • page.typeNum = 0
  • page.stylesheet = fileadmin/template/css/yourcssfilename.css
  • page.10 < temp.mainTemplate
  • page.10.workOnSubpart = BODY_CONTENT

    This code is actually not sufficient to create the web site. But at least the beginning... 

Building a web site with a ready html or css template in Typo3

<p>Typo3 is a most used CMS (Content Management System). Its easier for a non-technical person a web site building with Typo3. It is needed only a template for building a web site. We can either make a template for a web site by ourselves with Typoscript or use a ready template. Its actually needed a few Typoscript even though we have a ready template. But that is not so much. When we have a few knowledge to build a web site , we can come through this problem. The hardest thing is taking a step, but than we are in comfort.</p>

Extend Typo3 with custom functionality

Typo3 is a powerful content management system with a rich framework for extensions. However for simple tasks it can be too much work to write a fully-fledged extention. The goal is to integrate small server-side programs into a typo3 managed website with less work.

blog but how

Hello all, I´m using typo3 for the website i would be happy if there is a good extension for blogging in typo3. What are your experiences? Is it better use an external blogger? As I am a totally blogging noob, what blogging engine would you recommend me, should i host the blog on my own or use one from a free blogging platform in the internet? I know that these are a plenty of answers at one time. Sorry for that. Please feel free to ask any or all of them. Thanks in advance!


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