Turning of the skype option to use port 80 and 443 for alternative connections

After a short search on the internet I found out that I had the same problem like many people often too: skype is blocking the port for the apache. I thougt that it uses a "very high" port, that's right but there is also the option that it uses the ports 80 and 443 as alternative ports for incoming connections. So I turned that option off, did a new start of skype and it worked.


International calls for a locked cell for this (Blackberry)

I have a Backberry Storm cell phone and I need to make international calls. But the service offered by my companie phone is too expensive, so I have the service blocked. I can not always be connected to a comptador to do it for skype or other similar service. What other economic and quality is there?

Put online indicator in our web page

Sometimes as an administrator or service center of a web site we would like to show whether we are online or not so that the customers know that they could contact us directly (if we are online). Or simply as an individual we would like to allow our visitor to see us whether we are online and able to receive any instant message.
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