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How to run MobileWorks with Python at Windows?

I need to get MobileWorks running with Python at Windows. Therefore I have a couple of questions: <ul> <li>What are the necessary steps to do?</li> <li>What do I have to install?</li> <li>In which order do I have to install which tool?</li> </ul>

Python lxml

There is a simple library lxml in python. With this a sample script for looking up information in a website could look like this:

from urllib import urlopen, urlencode
from httplib import HTTPConnection
from lxml import etree

sock= urlopen(url)

f= open(fn,"w")

htmlParser= etree.HTMLParser()
tree= etree.parse(fn, htmlParser)
info= tree.xpath(" path ")


Speed up parsing HTML pages in Python

Using a command-line Python utility a website is queried and parsed, consecutively other websites are queried and parsed. Loading and parsing each website takes a considerable amount of time. For loading the websites <code>urllib2</code> is used and for parsing them <code>BeautifulSoup</code> is used.

Capturing network traffic with Python

<p> It is necessary to capture the traffic on a specific network-interface between a server and a client. Most of the messages can be ignored, but some of them should be filtered and evaluated.<br /> This depends on the message-body. </p> <p> Other requirements: <li>The network-interface should be choosable from a list of all available devices.<li>The body should be readable by a human-beings. <li>only SYN-Packages, no ACKs<li>specific IP-Adresses </p> It should run on Linux.
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