PDF from Database using FPDF

This solutions came to my mind when i was asked to allow registrar to create student certificates online when they were using the school's local website - similar to TISS certificate generator - i used the free FPDF library which is a PHP class which allows to generate PDF files with pure PHP - the aim is to allow the registrar of school to be able to take the student’s id and course id and generate the student's certificate for a course - the main aim is to show how the class is used in a simple and easy way for use in a small scale - There are two files. The first file, the user inputs the student id and course id and hits create certificate. The file points to the fpdf file that goes and creates a pdf file and displays the certificate

Absolute references in Tables in Excel 2007

In MS Excel 2007 there are 3 types of cell references: absolute, relative and mixed. The use of correct type of reference provides correct behavior when dragging of the formula using references to other cells: <ol> <li><strong>Absolute</strong> e.g. $A$1 An absolute reference is not changed while dragging. For instance in cell A1 is number 100. In cell B1 we enter a formula <code>=$A$1</code>. Dragging of B1 to B2 or C1 will not change the behavior of the formula in B2 or C1 i.e. all 3 cells with the formula will show value 100. </li> <li><strong>Relative</strong> e.g. A1 A relative reference is changed in both directions while the formula is dragged. Let A1 is containing number 100, A2=200 and B1=300. We enter the formula formula <code>=A1</code> in C1. Afterwards we drag the formula into C2 and D1. The formulas in these cells will be altered so that C2 and D1 will contain formulas <code>=A2</code> (shows 200) and <code>=B1</code> (shows 300) respectively. </li> <li><strong>Mixed</strong> e.g. $A1 A mixed reference is dynamically changed in one direction only e.g. $A1 has a absolute column and relative row reference. </li> </ol> The problem is that such notation is not working when using tables in Excel 2007. We want to find out how to make a absolute reference to the whole column of a table. The syntax of relative reference to Column1 of Table1 is <code>=Table1[Column1]</code>
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