How to run Apache And Nodejs together?

Today i was facing the problem to run nodejs on a server which is already running apache as webserver. So i had to choose a different port for the node app, but i didn’t want to enter an url like this http://nodeapp.domain.com:port. So how can I achieve this, without entering the port at the end of the domain?

Using a random identifier or a random port for each peer in a P2P system

The solution I found is to assign a random identifying number to each peer and attach the identifier to the handshake message as well as registering the identifier with the P2P server. The other solution would be assigning random listening port to the peers so each peer listens on a random port and the probability of two peers with a same port number in a LAN is so low.


Ports blocked under Windows

Sometimes when you want to install a service or launch a program (ie. apache or glassfish) on your Windows PC the port required by that program is already in use. Windows gives you no further information on the issue other than "in use".


Try FPort

This program will show you all currently used ports and the applications which use that ports.

You may get the program here: http://www.foundstone.com/us/resources/termsofuse.asp?file=fport.zip


Cannot start apache webserver after installation

After the installation the apache webserver didn't worked because it said that the port neccessary is blocked. But I didn't know why or which other program is using that port.
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