Twitter posts with same content are blocked when posted automatically

At thirst we thought that we have done something wrong in our application, but after a few hours of trying to post different content we found the solution. At first we thought that there is a limit of posts twitter accepts in a range of time but that was not the problem. The limit is rather high so in normal use you will never exceed this limits. Twitter blocks posts if they include the exactly the same content and are posted one after another. If there are different posts in between you can post the same content again.
This problem occurs normally only when testing because of the limited amount of test data. We generated the content of the tweet based on the test data and the action done with it. This leaded sometimes to tweets which include the same content. To test it without problems you can simply randomize the tweets in some way.


Twitter your project status with Maven.

Create a simple hello world Java Maven Project (this is already available as an maven-archetype) and configure it in a way so that every time you make a installation (via the cli command: mvn clean install) a new status update with the message "New Project Built Available" shows up on your twitter account.
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