In case you are using Safari on iOS (version 9 and above):
1. Open web-page
2. Tap Share button (arrow in a box, located in the middle below)
3. Choose option "Request Desktop Site"


Create an .ipa-File from an unsigned archive

Prerequisite: Active membership of the „Apple Enterprise Developer Program“ ($299 per year).

The following steps are required for creating a deployable and signed ipa-file out of an unsigned archive:

  • Certificate of the Apple Developer Account
  • Private key of the certificate
  • Distribution Provisioning Profile
  • Xcode
  • The following section will provide you a step-by-step guide to create the .ipa-file:
    1. Login to your developer account under
    2. Navigate to the Developer Member Center under the section „Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles“ to create your developer certificate (public/private key pair) that is needed for signing the archive
    3. Create a „In-House and ad-Hoc“ certificate by creating a CSR file (Certificate Signing Request) using the KeyChain-Access tool on your Mac
    4. Create a Distribution Provisioning Profile for your certificate and the app that should be deployed
    5. Open Xcode and check if the Distribution Provisioning Profile is installed correctly
    6. Import the unsigned archive into Xcode – the archive should be visible under Window Organizer Archives
    7. Create the .ipa-file by clicking on the „Distribute“ button. Make sure that „Save for Enterprise of Ad-Hoc Deployment“ is selected as the distribution method
    8. Select your certificate under „Code Signing Identity“
    9. Accept the access attempt to your private key from the KeyChain tool
    10. Save the .ipa-file for distribution by selecting „Save for Enterprise Distribution“ and specify an URL and title

    Create android application by using standard web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript

    The goal is to build applications for mobile devices using well known standard web technologies like JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3, instead of device-specific languages such as Java or Objective-C.

    Apple's iCloud only allows iWork Documents

    Apples iCloud only allows iWork documents to be saved online and to synchronize them with your iOS and Mac devices.

    Synchronous download in iOS application development

    The download should happen synchronously because there is no need for the application to move on before the data which should be displayed is received. However, asynchronous downloads may be done in iOS version 5 there is no need for doing the download asynchronous.

    Check Network Status when developing networked applications for iOS

    When developing iOS applications which make use of the network connection you should always first check if there is any network available. If there is not the user should be warned with some kind of pop up or alert. If sending an application which does not check for an existing connection to apple it might get rejected by them. As stated above, when downloading large data it also might be of interest to know if the user uses the cellular or the wifi connection to determine which quality the download should have.
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