Solution: How to use LAN services over the Internet ?

Another option to easily create a Virtual Private Network is to use tunngle (

Tunngle is specifically designed for network video game support, however, it has many other features:
- network chat
- encrypted traffic
- dynamic IPs
- messenger with buddy list
- network browser with search
- encrypted file transfers

How to use LAN services over the Internet ?

Local Networks have many advantages when it comes to more complicated services like file sharing, remote desktop, network printer usage or NAS. Of course, I could use web space like DropBox, and there might be many other ways to make LAN services available over the internet. But what I am searching for, is an all built-in solution which is secure and easy to use. I want be able to connect several clients together for my LAN services. Not at least, LAN-Party’s without all the disadvantages due do local management and mobility are one of my expectations.
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