How to send an eMail via PHP?

The core problem of this challenge is to find an existing PHP-function, which enables a programmer to send an eMail. Furthermore, the correct syntax and the required data of the mail-function is an essential problem.

Highlighting words in free text using jQuery

You can use jQuery methods for highlighting specific words in free text.

The most sophisticated way to solve the problem was the use of a regular expression. Every appearance of the searchword will be surrounded with an span tag.

var regex = new RegExp(str, "g");
$(this).html($(this).html().replace( regex ,""+str+""));


validate html code using online tool

And there is an online validator

Use of HTMLUnit

HTMLUnit can be used to test Websites from the view of a user, you can fill out forms with it and it also supports JavaScript. It simulates a browser and is intended to be used with other test suites like JUnit.

You can get more information about it here:


Use jQuery

"jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. "

jQuery is a modular JavaScript Library.
jQuery UI provides scripts for interactions like drag-n-drop, and UI widgets, demos can be found here

  • there are different packages for developement and production environment (lightweight version) and
  • the scripts are working on various browsers


YUI 2: AutoComplete

The AutoComplete control provides the front-end logic for text-entry suggestion and completion functionality. See the Yahoo! UI Design Pattern Library description for AutoComplete to get a fuller sense of the underlying design patterns in the AutoComplete family. AutoComplete provides a high degree of configurability so developers can implement these design patterns quickly and flexibly. Top features include custom formatting, query delimiters, animation, custom formatting, a rich Custom Event model, and much more.


Taggings: - a JavaScript library to enhance your web site ( is a set of JavaScript libraries that enhance the user interface of your web sites.

It contains a visual effects engine, a drag and drop library and AJAX-based control elements like AutoComplete, Sliders and more.

It is an extension to the Prototype-Framework ( You can add both to your web site like this:

<script src="javascripts/prototype.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="javascripts/scriptaculous.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

To see some demos of what can be done with go to:

Validate html code

This is an other validator to checks the markup validity of Web documents in.
Enter adress and options to check.


Ruby static website frameworks

Using webby ( for example you can code a web-page much like using some server based webapp framework (e.g. Ruby on Rails or Django etc.)
But webby is not server-based but generates static HTML pages for you.

Use Piwik to track website usage

Piwik is a free and open source web-analystics software. Different to Google Analytics (which could be seen as a privacy threat and has a monopoly position in web analytics), Piwik can be downloaded and run on your own LAMP server. Installation is a matter of minutes.

Similar to most approaches to web analytics, Piwik uses a JavaScript snippet you embed in your HTML-files for tracking. For further information on the use of this snipped, you might check out Interestingly, Piwik also provides an alternative approach using a specialized tracking API.

Last but not least, a quite interesting demo site of Piwik can be found at



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