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Cannot sync home folder with server when both are using wireless router supplied by A1.

When using the standard router supplied by A1, there is no ability to dictate the DHCP settings required to successfully bind the mobile computer to the server. This however, is a requirement in order to synchronize the home folder of the mobile computer with the home folder of the Open Directory user account. The DHCP settings required by the mediaBox used by A1 for sending IPTV content to the television prevents using the server with an arbitrary domain. Rather, A1 dictates a local domain of .home be used for all their devices.

User input (mouse clicks) disabled on startup when full disk encryption, mobile accounts are enabled on OS X 10.9

Discover a work around for bug in OS X 10.9 where under some circumstances when full disk encryption,Filevault and mobile account features are enabled the system prevents the user from selecting a specific user using the mousepad, thereby preventing the user from authenticating and unlocking the disk, prior to being presented with the standard login screen for the user account. Indicators that you are experiencing this issue: Upon startup there may be two user accounts for your single mobile account enabled user. Caps lock key works, indicating that the keyboard is functional, however the mousepad will not register clicks, it will only move the mouse.
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