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sharing your data connection via tethering

 Depending of your mobile phone's operating system you can achieve this by using tethering applications. On rooted android phones as well as windows mobile devices you can use 'Wireless Tether for Root Users' respectively 'WMWifiRouter'. If you call a jailbreaked iPhone your own you are lucky too. Some tethering applications do exist for Symbian phones either.  In all these applications you should enable the strongest possible encryption mode to ensure you are the one and only using your data plan. It is also recommended to enable a notification when any device is trying to connect to your phone over WiFi. Of course you have to create an according WiFi connection and add encryption keys on your notebook.  To not exceed your data plan's limits you should use a traffic counter on the cell phone. Also it should be noted that using a 2g/3g connection and a WiFi connection at the same time the battery of your mobile device will drain fast so prepare to surf fast. 


Synchronizing Sony Ericsson cell with MyPhoneExplorer

Use the software myPhoneExplorer which is freeware. The cell phone is able to use Bluetooth, but I prefer using the wire.  Plug the wire in your cell phone and connect it with the pc. The cell phone recognises it has been connected to a pc, so it offers two different ways to connect: telephone mode and data mode. Choose the telephone mode for synchronization with myPhoneExplorer.In myPhoneExplorer, use the menu and choose “File” – “Connect”. The software automatically detects the connected cell phone. If it doesn’t, choose “File” – “Options” – “Connection” – “Cell phone search”. After connecting the cell phone, you have to define the program you want it to synchronize with. Press “File” – “Options” – “Synchronization” and choose “Outlook 2003” or whatever your prefered  software is, from the drop down menu. Then just choose the “Contact”-section on the left main menu, press “Synchronise” on top, and your cell phone synchronizes the contacts with Outlook.  You have to define which contacts have the higher priority, if they occur multiple times. But the software mostly gets it right – it chooses the newest information.

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