Quick installation of version control for linux

You need an easy version control for Linux? Okay, it's clear that everything could be executed from the command line but why not use a graphical tool if available? Maybe it integrates nicely into nautilus the standard file manager for gnome linux systems?
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RabbitVCS a graphical tool for version control on linux

If you know TortoiseSVN on windows systems you will recognize strong similarities in RabbitVCS. It provides a nice interface which is integrated into nautilus, the default file manager in gnome.

Install it on Ubuntu/Linux Mint:

  • adding PPA
    sudo apt-get-repository ppa:rabbitvcs/ppa
    After installation you may need to restart some programs to activate the interface (e.g. nautilus)

    More information on installation of RabbitVCS can be found here:

    Screenshot of RabbitVCS integration:

    Logo of RabbitVCS: