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RabbitVCS a graphical tool for version control on linux

If you know TortoiseSVN on windows systems you will recognize strong similarities in RabbitVCS. It provides a nice interface which is integrated into nautilus, the default file manager in gnome.

Install it on Ubuntu/Linux Mint:

  • adding PPA
    sudo apt-get-repository ppa:rabbitvcs/ppa
    After installation you may need to restart some programs to activate the interface (e.g. nautilus)

    More information on installation of RabbitVCS can be found here:

    Screenshot of RabbitVCS integration:

    Logo of RabbitVCS:

  • Installing Protege with needed requirement for OntoGraf on Linux Mint 12

    There are some explanations for installing protege (with JDK 6 or later). But I ran into an additional problem when I tried to start the OntoGraf plugin.
    If protege starts without problems (rename felix.jar or just use JDK 6 and not the latest version) but the OntoGraf plugin gives an error just install graphviz. On Linux Mint 12 you can run:
    sudo apt-get install graphviz

    Now the plugin works without further problems.


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