configure an access point

<p>Last time I wanted to install / configure my wlan router at home. Because I have never done it, it was a really challenge for me. However I did it.</p>
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Install / Configure access point

First of all there is an internet connection and the essential hardware needed (wlan router).After you have connected the wlan router. The first challenge is to find out the IP adress of the access point. Often it is written in the manual. If you don't find it, the manufacturer often use If your computer system has the IP e.g. you have to change the IP to till 254. Now you open an internet browser, e.g. IE or Firefox and put the IP adress of the access point. For a secure connection you activate the SSID, by writing WL03 into the text field. Then you enable WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy). In the slide "Advanced" you put MAC adresses, usually the MAC of the own computer system. Here you say that only the computer system with that MAC is able to access and use the wlan. Now it should be able to have wireless internet connection.