Customized web fonts

In the past, if the embedding of customized fonts was required, it would result into the use of images that would display the desired words. Nowadays customized fonts can be rendered dynamically by the browser using different technologies.


Block a website

Block a website (e.g.: in a way that it is not accessible from any web-browser or other internet-enabled software programm installed on your computer.

Login at a website without having to registrate

Browse the site and type in the site where you want to login without registration. You can get credentials for many different sites there.


Login at a website without having to registrate

You want to do a login at a website, but you do not want to registrate at the website (for example you do not want to have to wait for an activation of your account, you want to login instantly, you do not want to give your email address to another possible spammer, you only want to login once, etc. )

Publish photos per Picasa

With the software Picasa it is possible to organize and edit photos and publish a photo album on All Picasa web albums offer RSS Feeds which contain important data such as album names, URL for the pictures etc. A feed can either give an overview of all existing albums or of all photos inclusive information.
Below a PHP-source code is to be found which represents a complete Picasa gallery and enables an easy, object-orientated access.
Source code:


Publish photos on HP

A person who runs a web site should be able to upload photos and update the photo gallery autonomously. Even if the operator is untrained it should be not problem for him/her to upload the photos or carry out modifications. The pictures should be automatically converted in a format and filesize suitable for webpages.


Hiding mail-adress on a website alternatives

Further solution approaches can be found here -->

* Using redundant text
* Using JavaScript
* Using JavaScript and Encryption
* Using a Web Form- Recommended First Choice
* Use A Graphic Recommended if you want in logo/header graphic


Using the google-calender

Finally the solution was very easy. A friend told me just to take a look at the google-calendar and that was right. At first it has all the functions I needed and you can include it without any problems into your website, you just have to copy a code-snippet that is also given by google and put that where you want to have it in your website. The next good thing was that it can easily be edited by the calendarfunction of MS Outlook or Mozillas Sunbird. They both can getting connected with the google-calender so you can enter and change data in it via client.

Creating a calendar on a website that is accessible from a client

The problem to make an access to the calendarfunctions as easy as possible and without logging in on the website made a client which connects to the calendar as part of the website and that is installed at the users computer neccessary.

Hiding mail-adress on a website

Nowadays it is often necessary to show the e-mail-adress an a homepage. Customers should see it, but there exist programs to find out mail-adresses from web-sites to use them for spam. How can I hide my e-mail-adress from spam-bots as long as it is visible on homepages?


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