How to try out web application using multiple logins at once

I am developing a web application that uses JWT tokens to authenticate users which have different roles. In order to test the application I would need to switch between different user's accounts, ideally without switching browser. Is it possible to constrain session data to a tab so that I can login to my application as different users from different tabs using the same browser?

One login for different applications?

We had different applications running but wanted to implement a loginsystem so that the user only has to login once to use all our applications. The way was to use keycloak as our single sign-on solution. Now it is possible to have only one login for every user. Another reason for using keycloak was the ability to Active Directory users without any hassle. Furthermore, it supports 2-factor authentication which is very important for us since we handle financial data.

Test login functionality after every code change.

Testing the very common functionality of "login"/"sing in" might be exhausting if we have to test it after every change in the project. Entering the credentials every time, or even if they are stored in the browser, one has to click through it. There must be some better way...

Login at a website without having to registrate

You want to do a login at a website, but you do not want to registrate at the website (for example you do not want to have to wait for an activation of your account, you want to login instantly, you do not want to give your email address to another possible spammer, you only want to login once, etc. )
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