Is there a possibility to implement SOAP communication with C++? There should be established toolkits or libraries which allow to implement such communication if one uses only Standard C++ including STL.


Remote access for data collection from production equipment through SOAP and HTTP

Production equipment produces lots of data due to mounted sensors, positions of switches, state changes, etc. For reasons of process analysis those data are critical to be collected also remotely through a secure internet connection. The set of collected data or sampling rates may deviate from one analysis scenario to another. It might be different whether data are collected during material processing (active) or while the equipment is idle (stand by). Therefore, it shall be possible to deplay, activate, deactivate and retract particular data collection scenarios. As the equipment's structure is not implicitly known to the data receiver (e.g. maintenance engineer), it is necessary that equipment provides a self-description of its structure, parameters, state-machines, events and alarms. Moreover, due to Access through the internet, there shall be also a concept of granted access.

Get JAX-WS to work with duplicate xsd:types

When writing a SOAP webservice using JAX-WS using NO explicit namespace declarations on the model and you have the following constellation: a webservice with a method named "order", a model class with the name "Order" the JAX-WS processor (e.g. Apache CXF) will complain because there are two XSD types referring to two different things. The webservice looks like this: <code>@WebService(...) public class WS { @WebMethod public void order(Order o); }</code> And the model like this: <code>@XmlRootElement public class Order { ... }</code> How can you work around this without using explicit namespace declarations and renaming the class or method?

Securing a service using WS-Security

<p>We have an existing Web-Service accessible to everyone who knows the address of the endpoint. The software used on the server:</p><ul><li>Java 6</li><li>Apache CXF 2.2.3</li><li>SOAP Webservice</li></ul><p>Because of massive abuse in the past the access should be limited to authorized people only. The login credentials are stored in a database and should be checked with every request made on the service. The login data should be transmitted in the SOAP-Envelope header and an interceptor should&nbsp; verify the data before the actual invocation of a webservice method. The solution should be based on an open standard which is well defined.</p>
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