remote access

Share files in a Linux Network

Sometimes you want to share files in linux via network. Windows has the file sharing mechanism since Windows 98 or so. Whats there on Linux.

Remote access to workstation

Sometimes I am at the university and I need some files I got on my workstation at home or I need to run some software I do not have installed on my laptop. Therefore I would like to have a tool or a collection of tools to turn on my workstation remotely if it is switched off and to interact with it. I want to be able to access all files on it and transfer them to my laptop if needed or copy data from my laptop But sometimes it is also necessary to start a program on the workstation. Theses programs could be simple shell scripts or other command line tools but also software with a graphical user interface. The workstation is connected to a Wifi-Router that is always turned on. Security is import, no one else should be able to gain access or intercept the communication.

connect to a remote server via internet

Up to now I have solved these kind of tasks with putty but putty did not work, I don't know why. I somehow could not get the login prompt from the server.


Access your computer over internet in a secure way

Accessing you own data is getting more and more important. Part of it is already accessible from "everywhere", when stored with your emails. But "the cloud" is not that advanced yet and so there are documents you only have on your computer. Imagine you switch place for a couple of days, and still want to be able to look something up. One possibility was to create a backup and store all documents you might need on an external drive - a tedious process, and will forget the <em>one important</em> document. You could also open a port for Windows' Remote Desktop connection, but for security reasons this is not a choice. There should be a secure way to access the data.

Connect remotely located Java applications and database

<p>A library has a management software implemented by Java. This software is going to be used as a server application which is located in Vienna. A database including all book informations of the same library is located in London. Find out an appropriate technology by which a client Java application located in Paris can search the book informations of the library remotely.</p>
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