VPN connection

VPN connection

With the help of our network administrators in Austria and India and the Austrian Telco provider a Virtual Private Network connection could be set up between the sites in Bangalore and Vienna.
After the connection was established, the setup worked in the same way as if in the intranet.

Connect to wlan via vpn under Ubuntu 9.04

<p>To connect to the internet via vpn and wlan you first have to get an ip address from the wlan accesspoint. After this you can build up the vpn tunnel and register yourself in one step. This is safe and comfortable if you are working at your workplace. With Windows XP (SP3) this works without problems.</p><p>But when I use Ubuntu 9.04 I cannot connect to the server to register. On the TU I can only receive an ip address, open a browser an type my username and password in the login-field. This does not seem to be very secure due to the fact that the connection is not encrypted when sending this information. Interestingly the connection from home to the vpn-server (which has another ip than the first one) works fine without problems.</p>

How to set up a PPTP VPN connection in Ubuntu

Different organizations use different VPN connection options such as SSL, PPTP or IPSEC. When you need to access corporate network and its services, you need to login using VPN. The Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) is a method for implementing virtual private networks. It works on Data link layer (#2 layer) on TCP/IP model. That being said, I was unable to set up my laptop to connect to a PPTP VPN server. I have Ubuntu 8.10 installed on my laptop.
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