Searching in file attachments on a Drupal platform

It is often the case that interesting information concerning a certain topic is not available at first sight. For instance: a user of a platform might write something concerning the topic of interest on a simple Drupal page but the really interesting information is hidden in a PDF-attachment. The standard Drupal search engine does not allow searching in file attachments and so a custom solution has to be found.

Check the drupal version and module version

AFAIK the dependencies are hardcoded into the module in a single line. So if it return an empty array, there must be something wrong with the module.

Another possibility might be that the module is for another version of Drupal than the installed version.


Displaying data from one Drupal site on another

The situation was the following: - Site A is used by companies to enter job descriptions. - Several Sites B want to access these job descriptions to offer a job board for applicants. Constraints: - solution has to be dynamic, e.g. a job entered on Site A has to be online on Site B instantly. - All sites are on the same server, so they can access the local MySQL database of Drupal.

Using the Maestro Module

A very promising module is being developed at the moment - Maestro (http://nextide.ca/solutions/maestro). It serves the purpose of developing a complex workflow on a Drupal platform very well. Unfortunately it's only available for Drupal 7.x, which might be a problem if the goal is to integrate it into a system that runs on an earlier version of Drupal.


Using MS Visio for modeling

As described in this thread: http://drupal.org/node/328145 it is possible to model the business process in a program like MS Visio and use Hyperlinks to connect the different nodes in the model to pages in Drupal.


Using business process modeling within Drupal

I found modules that enable me to implement workflow processes for single Drupal-nodes. What I want to do is to integrate several nodes (whatever they might be) into one comprehensive process and link those nodes to certain activities in the process flow.

geoip php modules

geopip provides some php modules to use, which could easily be turned into a drupal module http://www.maxmind.com/app/php.


Detect the country of the website visitor in Drupal

To solve the chanllenge you have to:

  1. Download the Drupal module ip2Country from http://drupal.org/project/ip2country
  2. Put this module in the /modules directory and activiate it from the Drupal control panel.
  3. In your custom PHP Code, you can now call the function:
  •  function uc_ip2country_get_country($ip_address)...where  the parameter $ip_address should be the IP of the current user which can be acquired using:
    • $ip_address = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']...This function returns the unique country code for the current website visitor.


How to detect the country of the website visitor in Drupal

<p>We want to detect the country of a website visitor in Drupal in order to redirect the user automatically to a specific page according to its country (or to compute the correct lanuage&nbsp;or currency for the current user)</p>

Connecting an Authentication Server to a Drupal Content Management System

For my Ph.D. thesis I need a community portal, which supports students to share their experience about internet technologies. It turned out, that the content management system Drupal is a perfect fit to fullfill the given requirements. As usual for a content management system, Drupal also has its own user management function. This means, that students have to register before they may produce content on the portal. Although TechScreen is a software system on a prototype level, it is yet hosted on a server inside the TU computer network. Therefore it is expected to provide a login procedure, which makes use of the students TU credentials. So the big question is, how to connect the TechScreen system to the TU authentication server.


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