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How to install Windows 7 ISO from bootable USB stick

Often it is not possible to install the OS (Windows 7) from DVD. Sometimes devices dont have a dvd drive or you have only the ISO dowloaded from the Microsoft Download store. With USB installation you can save time but you need a USB stick with at least 4 <ul> <li> you need at least a 4GB USB STICK</li> <li> a original Windows 7 DVD or an ISO image, with another tool you can also create an ISO image</li> <li>you pc or notebook must support booting from an USB device, you can check and change this settings in the BIOS otherwise you have to look into the namual</li> </ul>

Change Icon of iTunes 10 (to iTunes 9) (Mac)

Some iTunes user are not happy with the new iTunes icon. There is an easy way to change it back as in version 9. What we need is the icon from iTunes 9.

Change Log On Background (Mac)

At first the storage location of the default background has to be detected. Once found the file should get replaced by another picture. Optionally, image properties of the new picture could get adjusted to the default picture.
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