Code Snippet

DotNetNuke provides a class which provides the funktionality to get the object representing a file stored.
This enables us to easily store, retreive and assign files to links, images or others.

var image = (FileInfo)DotNetNuke.Services.FileSystem.FileManager.Instance.GetFile(FileId);
if (image != null){
img_Image.ImageUrl = DotNetNuke.Services.FileSystem.FileManager.Instance.GetUrl(image);


How to get the ImageUrl in DotNetNuke with FileID only

DotNetNuke provides the possiblility to upload Files. Instead to save whole file-paths its easier to store just a single integer. The CMS is responsible to map the actual file-location to the file represented. By storing a reference this allows you also to easily build slideshows, galleries or similar.

Using a new application pool for IIS

Indeed changing the application pool in which the DotNetNuke is working, from 'ASP.NET V2 AppPool' to 'Classic .NET AppPool' solves the problem. Changing the application pool to classic mode, you may use Coolite ASP.NET/AJAX Components in DotNetNuke. However this problem doesn't appear in 'ASP.NET V4 AppPool'.


Coolite web components doesn't work properly in DotNetNuke Community 5

After adding Coolite component to the module in Visual Studio, it works properly in Visual Studio Test application server. However the problem occurs when we want to attach the module to a DotNetNuke running on an IIS 7. Simply the component does't work and doesn't show reaction to any changes made by user in the environment.
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