How to add a newsletter customer to MailChimp

It has to be easy to add users to a list which can be used to send newsletters. Modern newsletter campaigns are generated through tools like MailChimp, Amazon SES etc. So the challange is to the information about a user into a foreign system.

How to get the ImageUrl in DotNetNuke with FileID only

DotNetNuke provides the possiblility to upload Files. Instead to save whole file-paths its easier to store just a single integer. The CMS is responsible to map the actual file-location to the file represented. By storing a reference this allows you also to easily build slideshows, galleries or similar.

Keeping a process/thread alive in an ASP.NET website

Actually I need a worker thread to do a specific job repeatedly after a particular amount of time. In fact I tried to run a new Thread and put it into ThreadPool. but after a short time when user leaves the page, the thread is terminated.
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