Installing TrueCrypt on mac

Working on an assignment for a Digital Forensics course, I had to open some TrueCrypt container. In order to do so, I downloaded TrueCrypt zip and extracted it. The version I downloaded was 7.2. I then proceeded to install it, but I got an error saying: “TrueCrypt requires MAC OS X 10.4 or later”. Just to be sure, I checked my MAC OS version - it was 10.14.0. Apparently, the logic condition that tests the OS version was not correct and I found myself unable to install TrueCrypt. I found two solutions for that problem: the first one was to change the code inside install script of TrueCrypt, that tests OS version and the second one was to change OS config files. I decided to do the first one, because I did not plan to use TrueCrypt after I open the container. (Using TrueCrypt is not secure because it may contain unfixed security issues. Development of the TrueCrypt ended in 2014.) These were the steps that I took to solve the problem: 1. I copied the mpkg file from the downloaded zip on my Desktop. 2. Right click on the mpkg file —> Show Package Contents. 3. Open the distribution.dist file with a text editor. 4. Find function pm_install_check() and replace the whole code inside it with “return true;” 5. Save the file. After all that was done, I was able to install TrueCrypt.

*** Solution for Safari ***

From your Safari menu bar click Safari > Preferences then select the Passwords tab.

Select the finance website then click Remove.

Now open Keychain Access located in HD > Applications > Utilities

Select Passwords on the left.

Type in the name of the website in the search field top right corner of that window. If there's a keychain available, right or control click the keychain then click Delete.

MAC vs PC for coding

Regarding security and compatibily, Macs are praised for their security and lack of spyware and viruses while Windows has tons of software, much more than what is available for Macs. In terms of development, using a PC to work in Visual Studio and SQL server is more convenient, while Macs are more convenient for OS X or iPhone.


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