Cheal web-shop

Although, there are many cool e-commerce and cart solutions, I would suggest you use WordPress in combination with some plugins and themes. All this process can be done in less than hour. Result will be fully professional web-shop!

- Set WordPress on your domain
- Install WooCommerce plugin. This plugin will take care of all product, shipment and stock related works
- Choose one of many free Woo Commerce themes
- Setup your shop settings
- Add products and categories


Migrate WP site

Luckily, there is simple trick how you can migrate your WP site on another domain in less than 20 minutes.

- Zip and download your WP files
- Export your database
- Upload and unzip your files on the new location
- Open your database sql file with notepad, replace your old URL with the new one. Save it and import to new database
- Change settings in your config file (adopt database, password and user)


Increase your memory limit

It happens because your allowed memory size is exhausted, and the DB is quite big, and it takes more time.

An Allowed Memory Size Exhausted error means that your WordPress installation doesn't have enough memory to achieve what you want. You can try out the following steps:

Increase your memory limit in wp-config.php
Increase your memory limit by editing php.ini. This is not a file that comes with WordPress so if you are unfamiliar with it you should contact your web host about increasing your memory limit.


DB Export in Wordpress returns Empty file.

I have several tile to export DataBase from Wordpress site over phpmyadmin, and sometimes it would export, but more often it returns empty file. What can be the problem? This is very important to have backup of your site, and to be sure it is not empty file.


Integration to WordPress Core

The problem of Internationalization is becoming bigger and bigger over time. We can see that there is high demand for it, and a lot of plugins, that are not "trusted" to use. The best solution would be to implement the i18n into the Core structure of Wordpress.


Lack of i18n in Wordpress core

Lack of i18n in Wordpress core Every time, when I am making new page/site, the internationalization takes a huge part of my work. Especially, in Wordpress multisite surrounding. I had to use different kinds of plugins , and to use unknown code from unknown authors is not good idea. So every time, I need to invest time to go over those plugins to look if there are vulnerability and if it they are compatible with my version of WordPress. WordPress release every 3 months new version. So far I had to do it manually. One of more popular plugin for internationalization, is not anymore under active support, and some major bugs have came up. It takes attention of developers, instead working on actual project, they need to find time to deal with those issue. Each of those plugins have its own structure, which means the author of them can make how they want without any restrictions, which may cause a lot of conflicts and trouble for other that wants to use if since they are open source. Internationalisation is not anymore "nice to have" it is "MUST to have".

Connecting wordpress with localhost

Setting up a wordpress on localhost to do the work offline is not difficult but for those who are starting up with web development can be pretty iritating. So the task is to install and set up the wamp or xamp server and then install and implement wordpress on your localhost. Make an adequate changes in wp_config_sample.php file in order to connect it properly. Connect the wordpress with mysql. Solution is attached on chalenge


How can I run Wordpress on Heroku?

A friend recommend running my Wordpress sites at Heroku, a few months ago. So what steps do I have to talk to make this happen?

Entering a wrong Worpress blog URL

If you running a wordpress blog on your own webspace, you have to enter the blog and wordpress URL under Admin Control Panel -> Settings. If you later change this address to a wrong one, your blog will not be working fine anymore. And since you entered the wrong URL you cannot login to the ACP, thus you can not change anything back. What's the key to get your blog running again?

Port Coppermine Galery System to support Wordpress themes and functionality

Wordpress is a mighty and easy to use blogging software but in version 2.02 it has not got a good galery system. Therefore I want to use a coppermine galery which is very easy to use and has a lot of nice functionalities like batch uploading. I want to add pictures in a post directly from the coppermine galery and furthermore I want to have an overview page for all galeries which supports the wordpress theme.
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