Making the TISS - calendar useful

I would like to incorporate the calendar provided by the Information Systems and Services (TISS) in my private calendar. However, many lectures which are not relevant for me are included in the online calendar, making it unusable for me. Furthermore, a guide on how to import the calendar in my private calendar (e.g. Google calendars) would be helpful.

Getting access to TISS calendar from personal calendar tools

i have unique time schedule for myselves like work roster , university events or personal plan.but some times it's hard to manage them desperately.also i don't have access to the internet all the time.and TISS calendar is changing week by i want to have my TISS calendar in personal calendar even though i'm offline.

Sharing a gmail calendar with a specific other gmail user

All the members of your team are using gmail in general and also the gmail calendar to organise all the meetings and events. Is there a possibility to have a "business-calendar" everybody has access to and can read/write events?

Exporting events from TISS

To export certain dates from TISS, namely from the courses you're interested in (not all of them in your favorites), follow these steps:

1. Create categories. The courses of which you want to export the lecture lessons must not be in the same category as the courses where you do not want the lecture lessons to appear in your calendar. You can have multiple categories of both (courses of which you want to export the lecture lessons and courses where you don't), they just must not overlap.

2. Check the options of every category: If you want the lecture dates of the category to appear in your calendar, make sure to check the last checkbox in the Calendar-category with the title "Show appointments". If you don't, uncheck it!

3. Click on "Calendar" on the left side in the "Cockpit" - category. At the end of the page, you can generate a Token, namely a URL, which you can import into external calendars, like into Google calendar.


How to export events from TISS

I would like to export certain dates from TISS, namely from the courses I'm interested in (not all of them in my favorites). Then I can import them in external applications, for example into Google Calendar.

synchronizing multiple google calendars with nokia mobile

i need a pretty cheap - if possible free - solution to synchronize all my google calendars with my nokia c7. at least one of the calendars is not only used by me alone. it does not really matter if the solution also synchronizes tasks, but it would be nice.

Google Calendar / Outlook Calendar sync

The challenge is to synchronize goggle calendar with outlook 2007. It is needed to synchronize both ways. (Editing an entry in outlook --> synchronize and editing an entry in google online calendar --> synchronize).

Creating a calendar on a website that is accessible from a client

The problem to make an access to the calendarfunctions as easy as possible and without logging in on the website made a client which connects to the calendar as part of the website and that is installed at the users computer neccessary.

Doodle calendar for time management

Doodle helps scheduling meetings and other appointments.
It is a simple application, where users may quickly and without registration enter meeting times.
The management of meeting times is simply illustrated in polls.


Online timetable management

With calendar software it is easily possible to manage timetables of many people. Simple login and occupying time information is enough to manage meeting times.


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