I will explain a solution for the popular Open-Source tool Filezilla. Other FTP tools might handle charset encoding differently.

FileZilla offers three different charset settings:

  1. Autodetect
  2. Force UTF-8
  3. Use custom charset

Per default, FileZilla tries to detect the correct charset on its own. If this doesn’t work and your server uses some custom charset encoding, you need to set it via the Site Manager. In the tab “Charset”, a custom charset encoding can be specified for each individual server. Once it’s set, the specified charset encoding will be used for all future connections to this server and the filenames will be correct.

Using Browser Configuration
The process to solve this from happening again had two steps.
1. Clear Browser data. Using Google Chrome (my case), in the “Clear Browser Data”, there are plenty of options: password settings, browser history and cookies controlling the ads, which we want to delete.
2. Block Cookies using the browser settings configuration.
These steps solve the problem in a short-term basis, however many pages do not allow navigation unless cookies are activated. Nevertheless, even if the general settings block cookies, they can be activated individually in those websites which require it.

Privacy of vk account

My settings-privacy. Then choose who can see information from your profile, posts, who can contact you. What comfortale for you. To make sure you have chosen the right settings, check how others see your profile (at the end of this page!). If somebody annoys with the spam messages , don't forget about blacklist.

Additional information. VK (VKontakte) is the largest European social network. Available in several languages. Especially popular among Russian-speaking users. VK allows users to message each other publicly or privately, to create groups, public pages and events, share and tag images, audio and video, and to play browser-based games.

Mixed content warning

TechScreen throuhs mixed content warnings in Internet Explorer, for the Manage competences, voting and some other nice features. I have to allow mixed content after every site refresh, how can I allow this setting persistent?

distribute firewall settings

<p>In networks of Windows workstations whether at home or at work you might want to use same settings and exceptions of the windows firewall on different workstations and not enter same settings on each pc over and over again. Some application or services need several ports to be opened to function correct. What are possibilities to distribute these carefully defined settings on several workstations?</p>
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