Mixed content warning

TechScreen throuhs mixed content warnings in Internet Explorer, for the Manage competences, voting and some other nice features. I have to allow mixed content after every site refresh, how can I allow this setting persistent?

Browser language

Sometimes you find yourself on a computer with a german operating system but you want your browser to find/request english websites or vice versa.

Event Handling in Javascript IE and Mozilla

As scripted sites can be very useful to users and EventHandlers in Javascript are a nice feature if you have a more complex site, we want to create a Method so EventHandlers will be recognized in Internet Explorer as well as in Mozilla browser and function as intended.

PNG transparency with IE 5.5 and IE 6

The transparency issues in IE 6 and lesser are a well-known problem. Tough the older versions are less used it is important to handle this problem if you want to make your website working in all versions. The problem occurs if you want to show a png-file with alpha transparency in IE 5.5 and 6. After creating your page, adding the png-image (with alpha transparency) and accessing it with IE 6 or less you will see that the transparency does not work. If you want to you can use to render your page on different versions of your browser (for example if you don't have a specific version of the Internet explorer) The goal is now to find a solution how to make the alpha transparency work for each version of the Internet Explorer.
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