Mac OS

Can't open unauthorized programs

If I downloaded some little program of the internet sometimes I can't open it because it is unauthorized. Can't go on...

LOGO Creator, Free Logo Design Tool for Mac

The Logo Creator logo design software by Laughingbird Software. Easily create professional looking logos that look like a Photoshop guru spent hours laboring over.

Internet Explorer on Mac OS leopard

There is no Internet Explorer available for Mac OS leopard. But sometimes it would be interesting to run it, for example to test a new homepage.

Access Disk-Image-Files with Windows (.dmg)

Mac OS X uses its own file system for image files (HFS, HFS+). Files/Drives with this file system cannot be accessed under Windows. The same problem occurs with Disk-Image files that are used by Mac OS X to bundle data and burn them to an external data disc. Under Windows there is no built in solution to handle with these HFS based file systems.
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