Internet Explorer on Mac OS leopard

There is no Internet Explorer available for Mac OS leopard. But sometimes it would be interesting to run it, for example to test a new homepage.

Customize Netbeans' properties file

There have been many workarounds published at sun's forum facing this problems. The most easiest way is as follows:

  1. Goto Applications (Shift+Cmd A)
  2. Open 'Netbeans' folder
  3. Show Packages Contents (Contextmenu 'NetBeans 6.1.app')
  4. Contents > Resources > NetBeans > etc
  5. Edit 'netbeans.conf':
    # Default location of JDK, can be overridden by using --jdkhome :
  6. Save file
  7. DONE.

Happy developing and deploying apps using Netbeans 6.1 and Java 1.6 on MacOS.


NetBeans IDE 6.1 and Java 1.6 on MacOS

Some crucial bugs had been fixed since previous release. However, there are still some contradictions developing java apps based on release 1.6 – Class-Version Error, messaging missing libraries falsely, to name a few. Additionally, in certain issues compiling sources are done on v1.5 contrary to v1.6.

Installation of an iCal Server on Mac OS X Leopard

Apple’s description of the iCal Server installation process is very scarce. Apple’s Directory service is required to authenticate users and a correct DNS configuration is required to enable Directory service. DNS is a problem if you have a local network installed with Airport.
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