Connect to the internet using your cell phone and laptop computer

Connecting your laptop to the internet using your cell phone can be easy , if you have the right phone, the right cell service provider, and a simple connection cable. You can connect anywhere, anytime, just one button to click.

Using Social Fixer to customize the appearance and functionality of facebook

Social Fixer is the most powerful utility to adjust the behavior of facebook. It uses a browser plugin which provides a javascript library to change the css and javascript provided by facebook.

The plugin is available for: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Rockmelt, Opera, Safari, Greasemonkey

It is not available for Internet Explorer.

The first step is to download Social Fixer here:
It is important to choice the right download depending on the used browser.

After downloading the plugin can be installed by executing the downloaded application.

It might be necessary to restart the browser after installing the plugin. So make sure to save important work done in the browser.

Once the installation is finished and you go to facebook the first time a wizard is shown which helps you with the most popular enhancements and changes.
For a lot more possible enhancements it it possible to get the Social Fixer configuration menu by clicking on the new wrench symbol next to the profile link on the top right corner of the facebook webpage.

Make sure to update Social Fixer regularly since facebook is making a lot of changes and the plugin might break.

Customizing facebook apperance and functionality

Facebook is changing the appearance and functionality of its application in constant intervals. Furthermore the company tries to provide a service which is best for the majority of users and the business interests of the company. Therefor a single user needs to make a lot of compromisses using facebook. It is possible to adjust the appearance and functionality of facebook using browser plugins.

Solution: How can I protect myself while online?

- use a firewall and virus scanner: these days, worms and other malware are running rampant on the internet. The amount of attacks per randomized IP address over time is so high that an unprotected Windows XP system will often be corrupted before protective software can be installed. (
- disable JavaScript: JavaScript can be abused to insert malicious functionality. Disable it to be 100% safe that it won't be used, otherwise be very careful about which sites you visit


Anti Web-blocking

Many countries around the world like China or Iran do not provide freedom of Internet browsing. YouTube or news providing websites may be blocked by a government. In some cases like in Tunisia of before the revolution, even links to proxies are blocked. So how is it possible to get pass the walls of web-blocking ?

How to use LAN services over the Internet ?

Local Networks have many advantages when it comes to more complicated services like file sharing, remote desktop, network printer usage or NAS. Of course, I could use web space like DropBox, and there might be many other ways to make LAN services available over the internet. But what I am searching for, is an all built-in solution which is secure and easy to use. I want be able to connect several clients together for my LAN services. Not at least, LAN-Party’s without all the disadvantages due do local management and mobility are one of my expectations.

Block a website

Block a website (e.g.: in a way that it is not accessible from any web-browser or other internet-enabled software programm installed on your computer.

Doodle time management alternative --> Moreganize

Moreganize is a multifaceted organisation tool. It is suited for both professional and private use and is especially convenient if a larger group of people needs to get organized!

Download an further in formation visit -->


Import a Code Signing Certificate into Firefox 3.6.12

You can import certificates into Mozilla Firefox via the tools menu.

1. From the Tools menu, click Options / advanced.
2. Click View Certificates and then click Import. Click View Certificates on the Encryption tab and then click Import.
3. Navigate to your SPC file and click OK.Ignore any warnings that may appear.

Your certificate is now visible in the Mozilla Firefox Certificate Manager.

Import Certificate into Firefox 3.6.12

This challange will help you to import a Code Signing Certificate into Firefox


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