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Welcome to the TechScreen site. This side shall support the exchange of knowledge in the domain of Web Engineering and related aspects. As a side effect, this side is used for research on knowledge management technologies. User can pose challenges in the problem domain and can participate in quizzes. Further a bibliography about arcticles in different related domains is continously extended. Finally, questionnaires on different issues are provided. To be able to participate you need an account and a password from TU Wien's TISS system.

Executable prevents itself from getting debugged

There is an executable c file on my linux workstation for which I would like to know what exactly it does, since I don't trust it. I tried debugging the executable with the GNU Project Debugger (gdb) but when I use the "run" command in it, the execution of the program stops with the following output from gdb: [Inferior 1 (process 4111) exited with code 01] I think the program employs some kind of anti-debugging mechanism but I am not sure which one and how I could circumvent it.

Scanning a document with HP scanner when scanner function does not work.

On HP printers (e.g. Photosmart 5520) that are connected through a network wirelessly it can happen that the printers scan function misbehaves. In this case the "Scan to PC" function will not find a computer, even though one is connected to the router the printer/scanner itself is connected to. How can the user still scan without hoping a network/PC/scanner restart will somehow magically fix the problem?

Two-Way Model Binding in Angular 2

One of the most important features of a client javascript framework are bindings between the models used and the user interface. Bindings go a long way, and always need to be trivially implemented to ensure a quick development process. They don't need any security or special treatment. Also don't use any form tags for your solution to keep it as simple as possible for quick reference. Bindings are meant to keep the model and the user interface, or any two entities up to par, so they always match.

How to convert WORD to HTML inside any application

The challenge is to translate from one language to another, namely from WORD to HTML, while also considering and preventing XSS (Cross Site Scripting). Automatic translations always pose great difficulties upon a developer as different language standards may support different levels of complexity and translatability, so that it may be impossible to perform a translation that has a good amount of satisfiability. On top of that it is necessary to integrate the translator into any application for any given programming language.

Bug/Issue in elasticsearch

I use elasticsearch as part of my work and many times I encounter bugs and insufficient functionalities. How could I overcome these issues?

Mailprogram IncrediMail unfortionally migration to Windows 8 above

The Problem was during an automated windows upgrade from Windows7 to the higher version Windows8, my friend told me. After this update his e-mail programm Incredimail doesn't work again correctly. So he won’t be able to get his emails anymore. The first problem was to know about the program incredimail itself. How it interact with the new System and if its self supports the new OS, perhaps the company dosen't support the program anymore. IncrediMail was a famous email program at the beginning of Windows XP, cause with this program you could send emotions.

Web-Interface and transfer data over the server

The task was about defining an REST-Endpoint to transfer data over the Server, e.g. to an Client who ask for an request. It's a little bit difficult to know about the topic in the way you have to develop the web application in the end. My task was to solve them in the program language C#. The next thing to thought about is, the many littel problems who could occure during the development. There we have many divices who talk to each other and each divice has his pro and contra e.g. on a web server you had now way to talk to the clients local machines divices directly.

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Entering a challenge in TechScreen leads to a failure

If a tag in freeTags and in Computer Science is entered

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