Improve software development process

I suggest to introduce 3 new policies in your software development process to have a better control over the quality of your product:

1. Better branching model, pull requests and code reviews

Remove/insert battery

The solution is as simple as the title. After removing the battery and cleaning the power interface between the laptop and the accumulator it started booting again. Also the whole leds were glowing while charging the battery

Laptop does not start

It was really strange that the laptop did not boot. It looks like the battery was emtpy in the first place but also after applying power nothing changed. It also was odd that none of the leds glowed while the power adapter was plugged in.

BDD is TDD done right

This article solves the following challenge: 

TDD or BDD ? What to use ?

Parallel execution of a tests in TOSCA

For projects with significant test portfolio (over 5000 E2E tests) execution can take days.
To speed up a process separation into different sets for distributed execution can be performed.
The problem is that reporting on those lists must be aggregated manually afterwards.

Examine DNS & domain settings

Making a ping request to the concrete domain returned a "unknown host" message. This shows that there might be some misconfigurations concerning the DNS settings. There was some spelling mistake in the nameserver of the according domain data. Updating the Nameserver entries solved the problem. Requests again got resolved properly.

Cannot connect to the internet. Also LAN Clients are unreachable

I was at university when I got a text message from my sister, that our internet at home does not work. Once a month or so, the Modem (provided my A1) crashes and needs to restart. I told her to do so, but the problem kept on.

When I got home, I called A1 if the internet is down, but they said it was up. When I then could not connect to the A1-Modem via the browser, I knew there was something going one and needed further investigation. The "diagram" below shows the network.

Website does not get displayed correctly

If you register a domain you have to set the DNS settings accordingly. So maybe you use different platforms to achieve this behavior. For example you could use "Hetzner Robot" only for the registration porpuse, altough it also offers the possibility to create DNS records with the correspondent editor, which is quite obsolete. But you could also use "DigitalOcean" which offers a more suitable DNS record editor for this concrete purpose. So you see that there are a few possibilities how you register a domain and set the correspondent DNS records.

Independent test Infrastructure

In companies, there are usually many developers working on same project simultaneously.
Code base is also rather big, and in later stages in the project duration of builds for an application rise.
If few developers would like to evaluate their code on live system - it will take much time to wait for your turn to build, run and test your code.
From economical reasons it is not possible to provide a separate server for each developer.

Using ZFS as file system

After a lot of investigation on file systems and bit rot I present you my findings:

  • Using Softwareraid was possibly not the best solution. In my understanding back then when I set up the server, RAID 1 sounded very nice, no more file loss. I found out that the raid controller software checks for corruption, but he does not know which data is correct. So he chooses randomly one file of one drive, mirrors it to the other and act like nothing has happend. In this case it happened to be the corrupt one.
  • I need a file system with data integrity features


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