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Welcome to the TechScreen site. This side shall support the exchange of knowledge in the domain of Web Engineering and related aspects. As a side effect, this side is used for research on knowledge management technologies. User can pose challenges in the problem domain and can participate in quizzes. Further a bibliography about arcticles in different related domains is continously extended. Finally, questionnaires on different issues are provided. To be able to participate you need an account and a password from TU Wien's TISS system.

Mapping taxonomy terms from Drupal 5 to Drupal 7

In Drupal 7 tagging terms are stored as fields of the entity. In previous Drupal versions tags are assigned to nodes stored in a table taxonomy_index(nid, tid, created). In D7 we have some table as for example field_data_field_taggings were each term refrerence is stored as a row. If more then one term is assigned to a content node (e.g. in the answers module), the value in the column delta incremented to have a unique key. To generate this table we need an sql statement that increments this delta if more than one term exist for the node.

Drupal miracle

On two sites the new answers module is deployed. More or less on both sites the same set of modules is active. On one site if we want to view an answer an error is shown that the related question cannot be loaded by the EntityStructureWrapper: Unknown data property answers_related_question. On the other site this errors does not occur.

You cannot create code for a certain content node with features

You have used the pre-defined CBR Case and added fields.

CBR Computed Fields do not store any value in DB

I wanted to compute some fields depending on other fields but the CBR Computed Field does not store any value in the database. When computing the same value with the standard Computed Field, the values are all calculated correctly and stored in the DB.

CBR installation print-7.x-2.0 module error

After several installation steps during the setup of the CBR module, there was a problem concerning the print-7.x-2.0 module while switching to the configuration tab and select "Printer, email and PDF versions". Selecting the PDF tab produces the following error message: "No PDF generation tool found! Please download a supported PHP PDF generation tool ... "

CBR Computed field, widget -> null

We downloaded CBR from TUWEL and added it as a module as requested. We further downloaded the neccessary dependency modules, as you can see on the second screenshot, all of them are enabled. However, when we are trying to create a CBR Computed field in the CBR content case, there is no widget to select (only null). Saving with null as a widget leads to an error. How can this be resolved? Thanks in advance.

Analog of Mac App Store with an unlimited access to applications

The MacOS App Store is woefully mismanaged. It has bloated to over 30,000 apps. Many of these are of a poor quality, and many of which (appropriately called “dead apps”) have long ceased to be maintained. Worse, many apps (especially developer tools and pro apps) cannot be sold through the App Store, due to Apple’s sandboxing policy. In theory, this exists to protect consumers. It limits the chance of any malicious software slipping into the App Store by limiting what it can do. But this can act as a barrier to some legitimate activities.

Recover "accidentally" deleted files from USB-drive

Sometimes it happens, when you went to some travel there have done a lot of photos and videos and accidentally delete them. But this is not the end of life. Some software gives an opportunity to recover accidentally or not accidentally deleted files back.

Payments cut-off times for online banking

Usually, the transaction to another bank takes time from within 1-4 working days. The time it takes depends on the currencies involved, the payment method you chose as well as bank holidays and weekends in both the sending and receiving countries. This is customary and has been respected in law. Sometimes banks and other financial institutions give also the opportunity to track your transfer.


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