Spotify always opens on primary screen

I have Spotify premium, using the desktop application. On my computer I have two monitors, the second is dedicated for additional programms, such as my music player. When I logon my Computer, the app always starts on my main window, blocking all my view. This occures, when I start "cold", restart and after hibernating.

Check all cable connections

The solution was hard to find and quite embarissing.

It was so strange, that I only could connect to the access point, but not to any other clients and not to the A1 modem. I checked all cable connections (it was a dark room). I found out that a black thin ethernet cable was connected in port 1 and 2, creating a loop.
I asked my sister about it and she thought that there is a loose cable that should be connected, but was there for maintainance purposes.

Pass value from one Android activity to another

Since two activities have no shared space (by default), it is not possible to grab that value/variable from the original activity. One has to not only find a way to store this value in the original activity, but find a way to access it from the newly created activity. This allows data sharing between activities to some extent. The value has to accessible at activity initialization as well as at any other point in activity life-cycle.

Use rasdial in Windows 7 Task Scheduler

The proposed solution consists of two steps.

  1. Creation of VPN connection
  2. Scheduling of task

For this solution you will need a VPN connection in Windows' integrated service (you need to have login data for a VPN service for this)
This is accessed via the Control Panel under Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center.

  • Click 'Set up a new connection or network'
  • Choose 'Connect to a workplace'
  • Choose 'Use my Internet connection'

Changing the registry entry remotely in commandline

Because there is no possibility to boot the PC with mismatching drivers, the registry entry had to be adjusted. There are several ways to get to a commandline, like Windows PE or simply with the Windows recovery DVD. Once the commandline is open, the registry editor can be started with regedit.exe.
Now the SYSTEM structure from the affected pc has to be loaded with File/load structure.

The structures are located at X:\\Windows\System32\config

Change following START keys:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\msahci --> "0"

Efficiently use font icons on web pages

In order to have a webpage with content other than text, it should also be possible to add icons that are stored as a font file. A web designer and content provider would like to use them as vector graphics so that quality is not lost when zooming/printing a document. In order to do that they need a way to reference a single icon and be able to manipulate it as a DOM object (e.g. hide, change style, animate,...). Important restriction is that all icons should stay in one file, which requires user to make only one request to the server (to download a single file).

Automatically start and log into VPN on Windows Startup

To connect to a VPN with Windows, after you have acquired VPN access (either commercially or a free one) you generally might want to use it/log into it.
This means every time the VPN should be used a login into some third-party software or some handling of the Windows integrated software is necessary (i.e. choosing connection, inputting username/password).
This challenge is to present a solution so that the computer automatically does this process for you on startup.

Installing an image from a PC with ide drivers to a PC with (only) ahci drivers available

To save time with installing several programms an image was made form an old PC. That PC was using ide drivers for the harddrive. The problem was, that on the new machine, only ahci mode was available in BIOS, so that there was no possibility to boot. In normal cases you would change the entry in the registry before changing the BIOS Settings from ide to ahci.

Use ContextRefreshedEvent

Spring boot provides some classes that can be fired at events. One of these events is ContextRefreshedEvent so, whenever your context is changed e.g. Application start up this event will be fired.

The event also contains the Application Context which you can use to get the beans of your class.
public class ApplicationStartup implements ApplicationListener {
public void onApplicationEvent(final ContextRefreshedEvent event) {
// here your code ... e.g. event.getApplicationContext();

Create custom iso with required drivers

The solution was to download the missing drivers for the RAID controller and insert them in the iso provided by VMWare.
Today, this solution is dispensable because VMWare provides custom images for most controllers on their website.


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