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Welcome to the TechScreen site. This side shall support the exchange of knowledge in the domain of Web Engineering and related aspects. As a side effect, this side is used for research on knowledge management technologies. User can pose challenges in the problem domain and can participate in quizzes. Further a bibliography about arcticles in different related domains is continously extended. Finally, questionnaires on different issues are provided. To be able to participate you need an account and a password from TU Wien's TISS system.

Incrementing and Decrementing in PHP vs Python

On of the most common thing in nearly every language is how to increment and decrement in variables, mostly used for iteration (like for, while, do-while) and recursion, which is a special kind of iteration. PHP and Python are using different approaches for incrementing and decreminting. In PHP it is possible to use the common form of '$var++' to increment and '$var--' to decrement. Another common form is '$var+=1'. In Python the form of '++' doesn't work, but it is possible to '+=' to increment and '-=' to decrement.

Automatically Test User Interface

In our recent software project, in order to avoid bugs after updateing the code, we designed Unit-Tests and Integration-Tests. Most of the bugs could be detected, before an update was distributed. In some cases though, user complained to experience bugs, while using our applications. The reported erros could be reproduced and fixed in the next release. In order to avoid such problems we designed Automated UI Tests using selenium (https://www.seleniumhq.org).

Differences between browsers, such as the window.event that does not work in Firefox

While the window.event was correctly evaluated on Chrome and IE, Firefox gave the error "ReferenceError:Event is not defined".

Moving WordPress website to a live server

Creating a WP webpage on a local server and when finished moving it to a live server can cause different problems. For example the website I moved to a clients' server, ended up with a great amount of missing parts.

Making a search engine for a website

Websites that are made without the use of any CMS require the use of various technologies for the creation of a fully functional option. Some technologies require a lot of technical competences and are difficult to work with in order to integrate them in an already existing project.

import excel data table into database with only phpMyAdmin access

In a specific table in a MySQL database a column needed to be populated with thousands of different values depending on a row-ID. The row-ID and value pairs could be found in an excel file / table. No direct access to MySQL was possible, only the import function of phpMyAdmin could be used.

Problem using inline attachments in E-Mails in Rails application

For some reason using an image within an html e-Mail (inline attachment) did display correctly in my rails application. Instead the attachment was displayed as a "normal" attachment in the attachment section of the E-Mail client.

Generating a barcode image within a Rails application

For a sport charity event with participants signing up beforehand online I needed to generate a barcode representation as an png file within a Rails application.

How to deal with exceeding memory limits while dealing with really large lists?

While implementing and testing a text document Java-based index, one of my main problems was an OutOfMemoryException. This happened quite often since the size of the collection was pretty large. I did try to increase the heap size, but this did not really solve the problem. How do you handle processing large batches of data without exceeding the memory limits?

Collaborate working with Ecore and Sirius

My collegues and I explored the possibility to use for our next project a model-driven architecture (MDA) approach. Therfor we designed our Model in Eclipse Ecore and used for testing and visualisation issues Eclipse Sirius. To work together we decided to use GIT and had the issue, that by default the GIT Repository was filled with to much build data. Every comit ran into a conflict.


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