Team merge coordination

To tackle this problem we created strict merging rules for our project. Every team member had to merge his branch into development and only when the first member had a running version, was the second allowed to start merging his part. Therefore we always had a running version and we saved a lot of time during development.

open source conversion

To solve the problem I had to read a lot about the implementation and the used algorithms of the current solution and then I had to find the equivalent functions in the open source framework. With knowledge about the algorithms I could develop the computer vision functions and got better results than the old solution.

Establishing of RS232 connection

To find a solution for the problem I asked a colleague to measure the output at the cable. Together we looked at the hex-commands that are sent to the generator. We found out that whenever the generator measured a certain value the connection was terminated, because this value was interpreted as an end flag by the software.

Group conversations on Skype faulty, if one member's OS is Linux

The solution to this issue is very simple and trivial. The issue itself is a known problem in the community and many users experience it. Since Skype for Linux 4.3 is the newest available main version, uninstalling and reinstalling does not seem to help the problem.
In July 2016, Skype has introduced Skype Linux Alpha. Whilst this version seems to support group chats for users of various operating systems, it's alpha version still makes it unreliable if consistency is needed, e.g. professional purposes such as job interviews.

Group conversations on Skype faulty, if one member's OS is Linux

The most recent version for Skype on a Linux machine is 4.3. The age of this adaption is very apparent due to the outdated appearance of the application. Apart from its out-of-date presentation, Skype on Linux also lacks the options to video chat in a group as well as to share one's screen. This Skype version therefore exclusively offers chatting, Skype calling and video calling. However, invitations to screen shares can be accepted and viewed, even though they cannot be executed personally.

Use icon system with svg sprites

It is possible to use inline SVG elements with special "\use\" tag. First of all, we assume that a collection of items is represented as a .svg collection (it is possible to extract and convert files from a font file to svg using online converters). There are utilities that can help combine all svg files into a single file, e.g.

Elements inside svg can be referenced as normal DOM elements, e.g. by using their id. There are then two ways to add a single element (icon) into web page:
1) Reference in the same document:

Replace missing value with median of attribute for the corresponding class

There exist several strategies to overcome missing values in machine learning, like ignoring and replacing the missing value with a logical replacement. One very challenging, but extra rewarding strategy is to replace the value with the median of the attribute for the corresponding class. So given an attribute that has missing values, and obviously has a class outcome, you have to calculate the median for each class and replace it for the corresponding class in the selected attribute column.

TPLink Powerline Adapter loosing connection

This is a common problem when these types of Powerline Adapters switch to the power-savings mode. There are tools where the power-savings mode can be disabled. They prevent the device from switching into power-savings mode, which causes the loss of the network connection.

TPLink Powerline Adapter loosing connection

The TPLink Powerline Adapters occasionally loose their network connection and you have to disable and reenable the network-card of the computer to get it working again. A solution is needed to fix this network connection loss, as it makes these Powerline Adapters unreliable.


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