Display of videos of huge size with people not present in the same room

In our technological world it is really common to do a lot of videos recording different moments of our lives and experiences and to share them with the people around us. Also, we live in a world where videos go viral every day and we like to share them with our friends and family. However, videos tend to occupy a lot of space in our hard drives and it turns out to be a difficult task to send them or upload them to any online platform.

Project Management Tool - Trello

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Problems with the arrangements in a work team

One of the possible solutions could be using an online tool for managing a project with more people. An example is "trello" (https://trello.com/). This tool permits controlling who are the member of the project, what is already done, what is left to do, who is responsible of each task... This is a very easy and useful tool to carry out any project with a team.

Use video player like VLC

Fortunately, nowadays really good video players exist. With "very good" I mean video players that are capable to play nearly every format of video. One example is VLC program.


With the use of the internet many users have lost privacy due to all the data that they introduce in the web and this can be taken advantage of by third persons

Problems with opening a video file with a common video player

It is widely known the huge number of different video formats that exists nowadays: mp4, mkv, avi, dvd, wmv, mov... This variety of formats allows us to choose whether we need more quality or maybe we need a video which occupies less memory in our computer. However, this represents drawbacks as well. The most known and important is the impossibility of playing a certain video in a common video player such as Windows Media, just because the camera with which it has been recorded, records the videos with a certain format.

Video call from mobile phones

Nowadays communication has been improved enormously thanks to digital technologies. We use our mobile phones every day, and they let us communicate with people all over the world instantly. Some years ago the most improved way of communication was held by phone call. However, now we can do video calls thanks to the possibilities that the Internet brings.

Integration of email accounts

We live in a digital world where technology occupies an important role in our daily lives. Because of the technology improvements, we use emails as one of our main communication media. Emails are nowadays a fast and easy way of communication with people all over the world, being used for both personal and professional matters. This is why it is really common to have more than one email account.

Problems with the arrangements in a work team

During the last two years of my degree, I have been involved in many assignments and works which needed to be completed by teams. This is a very good tool for developing some communication skills, but, what happens when it is impossible to communicate effectively with each other? Argues arise, people do not have clear what to do and everything may become a mess in matter of days. Moreover, these facts turn more severe as the group size increases.
So as to follow an order, a solution is required.

.exe at Mac

Although the tremendous evolution of the new technologies, the differences and incompatibilities between Windows and iOS have remained during the years. This fact has caused many problems for Apple users in their daily life, and they may have stopped someone's work or plans just because it is impossible to open a particular file. This is why I state this problem.

Team merge coordination

This article solves the following challenge: 

Team merge coordination

To tackle this problem we created strict merging rules for our project. Every team member had to merge his branch into development and only when the first member had a running version, was the second allowed to start merging his part. Therefore we always had a running version and we saved a lot of time during development.

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