Analog of Mac App Store with an unlimited access to applications

The MacOS App Store is woefully mismanaged. It has bloated to over 30,000 apps. Many of these are of a poor quality, and many of which (appropriately called “dead apps”) have long ceased to be maintained.
Worse, many apps (especially developer tools and pro apps) cannot be sold through the App Store, due to Apple’s sandboxing policy. In theory, this exists to protect consumers. It limits the chance of any malicious software slipping into the App Store by limiting what it can do.


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Recover "accidentally" deleted files from USB-drive

Recover "accidentally" deleted files from USB-drive

Sometimes it happens, when you went to some travel there have done a lot of photos and videos and accidentally delete them. But this is not the end of life. Some software gives an opportunity to recover accidentally or not accidentally deleted files back.


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Payments cut-off times for online banking

Payments cut-off times for online banking

Usually, the transaction to another bank takes time from within 1-4 working days. The time it takes depends on the currencies involved, the payment method you chose as well as bank holidays and weekends in both the sending and receiving countries. This is customary and has been respected in law.
Sometimes banks and other financial institutions give also the opportunity to track your transfer.

Eliminate mesage

To get rid of advertising pop-ups it is important to know that anti-pop ups are not good. Current web browsers now incorporate these tools. In addition, advertising on web pages is not only found in the form of pop-ups.

In Firefox, the Ad-Block extension allows you to block advertising. For more information, see here. This extension also exists for Google Chrome
Also you can use WOT, is a tool that can help you filter the sites that install this type of unwanted programs

Solution for "Failed SQL queries"

Solution: as no unified timestamp format was used in production - it was decided to use only English environments from no on.
To prevent such things in future it was decided to always use to_timestamp functions and try to avoid localization specific notations.

Solution for "Independent test Infrastructure"

Solution: Developers maintain Virtual machine, that contain build and application servers.
This VMs can be passed to test team to check code in isolation from other changes.

Solution for "Parallel execution of a tests in TOSCA"

Solution: Tosca testsuite has possibility of distributed execution using so-called 'test mandates'.
Once linked to central test repository execution of tests can be performed in a distributed manner simultaneously while still aggregating results in one place.


Whenever you are visiting web pages miss spam messages and advertising windows that annoy you while you use the internet


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