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Welcome to the TechScreen site. This side shall support the exchange of knowledge in the domain of Web Engineering and related aspects. As a side effect, this side is used for research on knowledge management technologies. User can pose challenges in the problem domain and can participate in quizzes. Further a bibliography about arcticles in different related domains is continously extended. Finally, questionnaires on different issues are provided. To be able to participate you need an account and a password from TU Wien's TISS system.

Improving User Interaction on Web Applications

Indeed, tradtional web apps make use of XHTML and CSS, but this is only an attempt to inscrease flexibility on styling and structuring issues or no more than readability. However, concerns of user interactions are not beeing touched by these technologies. Common technologies do not deal with interactions like drag'n'drop, autosuggestion or even to quash annoying page reloads on filling forms – to name but a few. Which technologies are able to face this issues adequately, without reinventing the wheel nor requiring exotic and/or proprietary plugins.

Study organisation

Especially if you are affected by a curriculum change, it could be hard to find out which courses you should attend. There can be multiple constraints: - already "used" courses for a bachelor study - courses being available in multiple catalogs. Since not every "change in practice" of a curriculum results also in an update of the curriculum document (changes of course names, courses never held etc.), someone also has to check for updates on other places (e.g. http://www.logic.at/informatik/WahlLVs.html) regularly.

Make Databases accessible for the Semantic Web

Besides (re)creating data manually, automatic generation or extraction of information already there is a possibility. One more specific possibility are databases which already contain huge amount of highly structured data (for example content management systems or the so called deep web). But how can we make this data part of the semantic web?

blog but how

Hello all, I´m using typo3 for the website i would be happy if there is a good extension for blogging in typo3. What are your experiences? Is it better use an external blogger? As I am a totally blogging noob, what blogging engine would you recommend me, should i host the blog on my own or use one from a free blogging platform in the internet? I know that these are a plenty of answers at one time. Sorry for that. Please feel free to ask any or all of them. Thanks in advance!

Run JRubyOnRails App as a windows service

I try to manage to deploy a JRuby on Rails App as a windows service using Mongrel as Application server. With Ruby this is straight forward using the gem mongrel_service (see http://mongrel.rubyforge.org/wiki/Win32) but the jruby mongrel does not support this feature. Has anybody an idea how to manage this with JRuby? Thanks in advance!

Show hidden files on Mac OSX

The Mac OSX Finder is used to navigate through directories and to show files. Mysteriously Apple does not provide a function to show hidden files. Therefore it is only possible to view those files in the Shell. And it is also only via the shell possible to edit or work with these files, because most programs use the standard finder open dialog.

How to create a customized Yahoo Calendar within your PHP form

During the implementation of a project for my current employer i wanted to add some "glamour" to my web-forms. A big part of the project is to add a lot of data into a database. To make that a little bit easier i wanted a date picker, so that someone does not always have to switch between mouse and keyboard (which takes quite long for unexperienced users). There are a lot of calendar applications out in the web, and there are also some solutions how to implement such applications by your own, but who wants to invent the wheel a second time? I chose the Yahoo Calendar.

Searching Entities with Hibernate Entity Manager

Hibernate is used to easily handle database operations in Java applications. It makes mapping between Java objects and the database a lot easier. It is also possible to use the persistence API (JPA) to store entities in databases. However, if you search for entities, that you want to use in your application, the path to those entities should not contain a whitespace. Otherwise you’ll get a “File not Found” – exception (this is not correct).

How to execute MySQL Statements within JavaScripts with AJAX

Currently i am developing an administration software for a physiotherapy center. Therefor i simply use PHP and MySQL, so XAMPP was a very comfortable solution. As the complexety of the system grows i had to broaden my horizon and find some tricky solutions to achieve the surreal requirements of my employer. People always want everyhing "flexibel", fast, "automatically",... properties which are very hard to reach within a software. So someday i encountered a very hard problem which took me a long time to solve it (although, afterwards it wasn't so difficult).

What's a proper programming language for Semantic Web reasoning?

As I already mentioned, the internet is one big database. But how much is the information worth? Obviously not all the information on the internet is true and not all information is worth to be taken into consideration by solving problems. As I see it, the Semantic Web is still in its child shoes. New technologies and ideas come up, each and every day. The progress of structuring date using W3C recommendations has just begun. That allows to make more and more data being read- and understoodable by machines. But in the end, intelligent software (e.g.


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