How to restore Windows

The solution for this problem is quite simple. Windows provide a special mechanism to restore computer to its previous state. Every time user makes some significant changes, the system creates so called “restore point”.
User also can create his own restore points.
To access System Restore tools you have to do the following steps:
1.Click Start.
2.Choose All Programs.
3.Choose Accessories.
4.Choose System Tools.
5.Click System Restore.

Then you should follow instructions on the wizard.

How do I couple Pellet with Jena or Sesame?

How can knowledge base management capabilities (which include loading multiple KBs at once, updating a loaded KB with new information, and also querying a loaded/updated KB) be added to Pellet? I know that it is possible to do this by coupling Pellet with Jena or Sesame but Jene or Sesame support only RDF not OWL. But I don't know where and how I can get started to achieve this?

How to configure Firefox 3 using GMail

Firefox makes it easy to select a default email application like Outlook or Thunderbird. When you click a mailto: link on a web site, that application will automatically open. But with Firefox 3 RC1 you can also choose a webmail application like Yahoo! Mail or Gmail.

Typo3 Blog Extension

Typo3 Blog Extension:
Unfortunatly I have no experience with the typo3 blog system though, it's praised a lot on different pages to be quite easy. Furthermore typo3 is a community driven system, meaning there is to be expected new features, extensions and so on.
How to use the typo3 blog:
On following homepage, there is are links to tutorials how to use the typo3 blog system. You can also find a video tutorial.

How to enable sound in Ubuntu Linux on Asus computers

I have installed Ubuntu 8.04 on my ASUS laptop. And it works fine. However I cannot get the sound to work. The sound doesn't work even if the speakers are not muted. How can one get the sound to work?

How to enable Administrator account in Windows Vista

Steps required to enable elevated administrator account in Vista

  • Log into your regular account. go into Start Menu, click All Programs, then on Accessories, then right-click on Command Prompt, and click on Run as Administrator from the pop-up menu, and enter the required password, if you used one when Windows Vista was originally installed.
  • The Command Prompt window will open. Now type, without the quotes, “net user administrator /active:yes”. You should then see the command completed successfully.

How to enable Administrator account in Windows Vista

You may need to access the elevated Administrator account to access other user accounts to backup files in case of a failure. In Windows Vista, if you need to access the Administrator account built into Windows, you don’t have to boot into Safe Mode to do it.

DB2 database transfer

To avoid this problem you should make additional changes in file db2cli.ini, that can be found in db2home/sqllib/db2cli.ini.
For the DB2(Fixpack 11) version it is required to add following additional strings to the end of this file:


and it is also necessary to add an empty string at the end of this file.
Moreover you have “to kill” manually java processes initialized by previous transfer procedure, otherwise you will not succeed.

Using WLAN in TU Dresden

To use wireless in TU Dresden users have to install additional software on theirs laptop.
For Windows platform you have to download The SecureW2 Eap Suite from their website ( and install it on your computer, moreover you have to download
Intel PROSet/Wireless Tool if you don’t have it on you computer.
Additionally Windows XP users should make sure that they have SP2 installed.
After that they can configure their wireless access with their current university login and password.

Displaying Websites on IE Browsers correctly

As most non-flash sites use xhtml and css only, webdesigner (or those who realize such tricky designs) must face with issues that in the end this website has to be displayed correctly — some kind of platform/browser independency. Indeed, (X)HTML is standardized by the W3C, but web-browser render websites totally differently — caused by bugs mostly (IE). This becomes quite cruical, as for ex. designs require precisely fitting their components.


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