Using Git DVCS (distributed version control system) and GitHub to effectively collaborate on an open-source software project

While collaboratively working together on an open-source project (which aims to provide a fresh web app framework in this concrete case) and moves at a fast pace it conseqeuntly turned out that using the standard approach of centralized VCS for it soon hit its limits.
Therefore, we jointly decided in the community to switch to a decentralized one, namely Git.
This DVCS was originally developed by Linus Torvalds for managing the development of the Linux kernel.

Setting up a Subversion repository and corresponding Trac app on a (Debian/Apache) server

So the basic problem here is how to best work together productively in a programming/development project and the question which are good tools providing capabilities to potentially support and improve this.
One such tool is a version control systems (VCS) which basically helps to keep the code and especially its progress under (version) control in a code repository (transparently).

Use the TU Vienna authentication service for TechScreen login procedure

The IT service department of the TU provides several ways to externally authenticate a student for a third party application. Refer to for full information. In short terms, one way is to query the authentication server via an url-https-request. If the request holds an already registered TU student, the authentication server responds with the unique userID of the student. To get the full username and email address a second query has to be sent to the TU LDAP server. So far to the authentication service.

Connecting an Authentication Server to a Drupal Content Management System

For my Ph.D. thesis I need a community portal, which supports students to share their experience about internet technologies. It turned out, that the content management system Drupal is a perfect fit to fullfill the given requirements. As usual for a content management system, Drupal also has its own user management function. This means, that students have to register before they may produce content on the portal. Although TechScreen is a software system on a prototype level, it is yet hosted on a server inside the TU computer network.

Installing and using iCal Server

  1. When configuring Mac OS X Leopard Server, three options are available: standard, workgroup and advanced configuration. Advanced is to be used if an iCal Server shall be hosted
  2. A correct defined DNS is necessary.
    • In the program ServerAdmin select the service DNS
    • In the program ServerAdmin in the DNS part add a new primary zone (e.g.
    • Add a record for the computer hosting the iCal server (e.g. server results in the fully qualified name of ""

Solution for the Oracle and C-Compiling Error

Just have a look on the *.pc Files in the same directories. You must not compile the *.c Files but the *.pc Files by using "make all". The CC-Compiler is part of Oracle, but Oracle is using a Precompiler (proC) to compile *.pc-Files (see a part of unregister.pc) with Oracle Syntax into compileable C-Code. Then this code is compiled to executeable binaries. That should work with the standardconfiguration after installation.

---------------------------------------------- BEGINPARTOF: UNREGISTER.PC -----------------------------------------------
#ifdef DEBUG

Oracle and C-Compiling Error

For security reasons a server offering webservices should be installed new: It is used to run CGI-Webapplications manipulating data in an Oracle 8.1.8. database via webformulas. I first installed Solaris and then Oracle 8.1.8 and the webserver. Both are running without errors. In the next step I used the compiled Files from the backup copy: The webservices are running. To modify the applications a new compilation is necessary. I dir not panipulate *.c files. I just tried to compile it. CC or GCC did not work.

iCal Server Installation

For iCal Server users have to authorize

WLAN access by eduroam

eduroam (education roaming) is an European project to support mobility of researchers and students by giving Internet access at participating universities for all those that have at one university an account. The Vienna University of Technology as a partner in this projects offers eduroam through all hotspots. With my existing account and my password I can authorize at eduroam for an unlimited period of time. I will be connected automatically if a hot spot is in reach.

Getting WLAN access with iPhone at the university

I have an account that I use on a Laptop to access the closed TUWIS WLAN. In an Internet browser I enter account and password. Then I have access to the Internet for a limited period of time. On my iPhone the entering of the required data is too cumbersome.


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